• Stephanie and Joe Chastain

    Stephanie and Joe Chastain created Infinite Ireland as a guide for first time visitors to Ireland. Start with Ireland Planning: 101 and begin planning your trip to Ireland today.

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Read about our experiences, tips, and even a few mistakes while traveling in Ireland For More Inspiration
  • Reader Trip Report: Solo Travel in Ireland

    Fresh Cut Peat in orange cart

    This blogging thing I get to do is pretty awesome. Because now and then I get to make new friends. :-) Here’s how it happens. It usually starts off with an email and quick question about an upcoming trip to Ireland, which leads to another email and then another. Sometimes, we steer off the Ireland planning path and […]

  • Infinite Ireland Meets Mint.com (and Talks Budgeting for Ireland)

    Green fields of Ireland

    A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon reminiscing about our past trips to Ireland. Mint.com sent me a bunch of questions that had me thinking about the way we budget our money. For us, I suppose it’s all about balance. We are willing to spend money on an automatic rental car, which helps us […]

  • How Much Does It Cost? Part I: Transportation in Ireland

    Every few months or so Joe and I do a thorough budget check to make sure we are on track to get ourselves back to Ireland soon. Luckily, I have kept tabs on how much it costs to travel Ireland, so I know we need a pretty good chunk of change to travel how we want.