A Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Car in Ireland

[As I am rereading this post before I publish, I recognize it is long. What was a simple “how-to” became comprehensive guide to renting a car in Ireland. I debated splitting up the content into two posts, but one of the reasons I created Infinite Ireland was to be sure first-time travelers to Ireland would have all the information in one place. It is a lot to take in, but I hope that the information will help you better understand how to rent a car in Ireland. As always feel free to comment and ask questions--we truly love helping you travel.]


Red Rental Car in Ireland

A Bright Red Rental Beauty

To really get intimate, to discover places and meet people, requires renting a car in Ireland. Simply put, we have gone places in a rental car that buses and large tour groups cannot go. We have chatted with locals for hours past closing time. We have eaten amazing dinners in remote restaurants. We have been the only people at some of Ireland’s best attractions.

All because we didn’t have to abide by someone else’s schedule. Because we opted for a rental car.

There are more rules and nuances for renting a car in Ireland than almost anywhere else in the world (I’ve done the research). It can be challenging, but as soon as you understand the lingo and what impacts the bottom line, you can get a good deal and be equipped with the wheels for a great trip.

Demystifying Renting a Car in Ireland

Each rental car website will ask you for basically the same information. These selections decide how much your quote will be so it is a good idea to check these details carefully.

Pick up and drop off location: The easiest and most convenient place to pick up a rental car is at the airport as soon as the plane lands. Airport pickups have a small location surcharge, but I think the convenience of not driving in the city is well-worth the minimal extra cost.

I highly suggest flying in and out of Shannon. The Shannon Airport is much smaller and it sees a lot less traffic. Going through customs, picking up checked luggage, and renting a car should be quick and easy. We have landed and been on the road in less than 45 minutes.

Shannon Airport Departures Area

The Lovely and Often Quiet, Shannon Airport via Sean MacEntee

If you do fly into Dublin and plan to see the city first, pick up the rental car after exploring for a day or two. It is easy to get around using public transport. Plus you will avoid driving in the city (jet lagged and on the left side of the road) and paying for extra days.

Date and time of pick up and drop off: Obviously the longer you rent a car in Ireland, the costlier it will be. I try to time my pick-up and drop off within an hour of each other (e.g. pick up at 7:00 AM and drop off at 8:00 AM two weeks later). In doing so, I am not usually charged any extra/partial days. Working out the timing is usually pretty easy for us as most transatlantic flights arrive and depart in the morning.

Age at the time of rental: Renters between the ages of 25 and 74 will receive the lowest rates available. If you are between 21 and 24, you will likely have to pay an extra fee for each day. Unfortunately those under 21 cannot rent in Ireland. Similarly, seniors over 75 may find it difficult to rent a car.

Transmission: Automatic or manual (stick shift) transmission cars differ greatly in cost. Manual transmissions are much less expensive and are more common among the local drivers. However, if you do not drive a manual transmission vehicle in your daily life, I would “stick” to an automatic in Ireland. While the significant price difference is tempting, the ease of driving an automatic is worth the extra cost especially on winding and narrow roads!

Extra Drivers: The number of additional driver’s increases the cost of your daily rental fee. Most companies charge an extra €10 or $13 US per day. If you think you will need more than one driver to break up the trip or fear someone getting sick, it may be worth the extra cost. In our family, my husband Joe is usually the designated driver and I am the navigator. We don’t typically pay the extra cost per day to have two people at the wheel. But when we knew Joe was feeling under the weather before our last trip, we opted for the extra driver upon arrival.

Vehicle Size: The smaller the better! If you are traveling with a significant other or a small family, there really isn’t any reason you should opt for a size upgrade. You will thank yourself for a smaller vehicle. If you are also bringing Aunt Hilda and Cousin Wilfred along, just opt for the smallest size you think you can get away with.

Currency: Most rental websites will ask which currency the quote should be displayed. It really doesn’t matter if it is in US dollars or in Euros. Just be sure that the quotes you receive from different sites are in the same currency to compare apples to apples.

Extras: A number of extra services are available at checkout such as child seats, GPS, and even a mobile hot spot (from at least one company–Hertz). Some people swear by GPS in Ireland, but we find a good map sufficient.

Rental Car Insurance

Bus, Car and Bike Accident in Dublin

Insurance is Important via Infomatique

Insurance is by far the biggest headache when renting a car in Ireland. There are several different types of insurance in a rental agreement. Understanding which ones to purchase and why to buy them can be really important.

CDW/Collision Damage Waiver/Basic Insurance/LLI/Limited Liability Insurance/CDI/Collision Damage Insurance: Everyone* is mandated to buy Collision Damage Insurance and is the minimum amount of insurance coverage required when renting a car in Ireland. CDW reduces your financial responsibility for damage to your vehicle. After purchasing CDW, you will have a minimum deductible of €1000 for any damage, sometimes more depending on company/larger vehicles. CDW typically does not include tire, window, or undercarriage damage.

The cost of CDW can vary greatly from company to company. Most car rental websites ending in .ie (versus .com) include it in the quote online. If it is not included, call the company to find out the daily rate.

*World Matercard CDW: There is the possibility of one exception to the mandated purchase of CDW, World MasterCard coverage. This seems to be the only credit card that has coverage in the Republic of Ireland. If you have a World MasterCard and would like to use it to waive the purchase of CDW, contact the credit card company and get hard copy documentation that states you are covered in Ireland. Some companies still won’t accept this coverage, others will. Be sure to call the car rental agency to find their terms.

It is very likely that the car company will place a hold or even charge a couple thousand euros on the credit card. The hold will be removed or refunded once the car is returned with no damage. A small administration fee is also usually charged when declining the CDW, about €25-€30.

Excess Insurance/Super Damage Waiver:  This is the ultimate car insurance that will cover all sorts of scratches and bruises to your rental vehicle. By purchasing this extra insurance your liability for the vehicle will be down to €0.00-€300. Car rental agencies usually like to hide how much this is per day. Look in the terms and conditions for this information (usually on the second page of the booking process).  Again always check what is included. Most still don’t cover tires or glass. We always purchase this and have been glad we did on a few occasions. Scratches from roadside branches are inevitable.

Update: If you choose not to purchase the Excess/Super Damage Insurance, a hold will be placed on your credit card usually around €2000.00-3000.00. Many travelers often have a difficult time weighing a big hold on a card vs. the cost of the extra insurance. For peace of mind, I always suggest the extra insurance. Plus, you get to easily drop off your car at the end of your rental without having to wait for the inspection.

Theft Insurance: Theft insurance protects against the obvious, the theft of a rental car. This hasn’t ever been something we have worried too much about. It is often included in CDW/Excess/Super Damage Waiver Insurance (thanks to reader Tony2Phones for keeping our information as accurate as possible!).

Personal Liability Insurance: Personal effects insurance is injury and accidental death coverage for the driver and passengers. My husband and I both have health insurance for injury and life insurance policies for the unhappy death part.

Taxes, Fees:


Money, Money, Money via EnvironmentBlog

The final payment will also include a few other add-ons. Not all rental company charge all of these fees, but you should at least be aware of them.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) at 13.5% –mandatory
  • Road tax
  • Airport tax or location charge
  • Licensing fee
  • Cross border driving fee
  • M50 toll fee (Toll road outside of Dublin now has barrier free toll—basically you pay rental car company rather than a toll booth)
  • Late fees (returning the car later than indicated on reservation)
  • Cancellation fees


Petrol Station

Petrol Station in Ireland via adrian, acediscovery

Gas or petrol is expensive in Ireland. Really expensive.  The average current price is €1.60/liter.  Silver lining: a fill up in an automatic Nissan Micra can last several days.

When filling up the tank, check which type of fuel the car requires. Accidentally insert diesel and you will not only be in trouble mechanically, but could get into some trouble with the car rental company too.

You should also know your rental car’s fuel return policy—some want it full on return, others want it empty.  Just check so you aren’t charged for extra fuel during check out.

Begin the Search Process

Rental Car Booking Form

First Steps to Freedom–A Rental Car!

So now that you know what impacts the bottom line–how do you begin your search process? Listed below are the rental agencies that I am aware of at the Shannon and Dublin airports.  All the links end in .ie, which is Ireland’s website domain registration. As mentioned above, .ie will usually contain CDW insurance and is therefore a little easier to research total cost.

Select one and insert your travel information. Trips a year or more away may need to wait until six months or closer for some agencies to give a quote. Begin at the airport you plan on flying into, paying close attention to what is included in each estimate.

Again, if something isn’t included, look in the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Most companies list their prices there, if not don’t hesitate to give them a call to get accurate information.

Shannon Airport    Dublin Airport
Avis Avis
Budget Rent a Car Budget
Dollar Dollar
Dooley Car Rentals Dooley Car Rentals
Europcar Enterprise
Hertz Rent a Car Europcar
National Car Rental (@Europcar Counter) Hertz
Payless Car Rental (@Dooley Counter) National Car Rental (@Europcar Counter)
Thrifty Payless Car Rental

I create a spreadsheet to organize my Ireland car rental search. It includes: all of the companies listed; the quote; what is included; what is not included and their approximate costs; and any other details important to that company. This helps me better compare each agency and remember all the details.

We don’t have strong affiliations with any one company, but have used several without any major problems. I always advocate shopping around and checking out reviews online. If something you read makes you uncomfortable, don’t rent with them.

We used Dan Dooley on our most recent trip to Ireland. I was pleasantly surprised of the inclusiveness of their quote. We did not have to pay anything but fuel upon arrival. Using the code “DoChara” gave us a 5% discount. Last year, I detailed all of our Ireland trip expenses including our car rental. This might help you budget the cost of a vehicle for your trip. We ended up booking fairly last-minute and probably could have gotten a better deal with more advanced notice.

Miscellaneous Car Rental Tips:

Cars in Dublin

No Thank You, City Driving

Payment must be by credit card in the name of the primary driver. Cash, check, or debit card are not accepted.

Give your flight information with your reservation. If the plane is delayed longer than two hours, the car rental company may consider you a no-show.  However if they know your flight info, you should be able to walk out with your reserved car when you land.

Don’t worry about air conditioning. It rarely gets hot enough to call for spending extra money on it.

Trunks are smaller, so pack light.

Take copies of your reservation and the total cost you expect to pay to the rental counter. If it doesn’t match up make sure they give you an explanation.

Don’t care about which company? There are websites such as Irish Car Rentals and Argus Car Hire that aggregate the car rental search (similar to Priceline). If you don’t care about transparency and are keen on doing some extra research, these can come with good deals.

Before you leave the airport, check the car for scratches, dings, bulges in the tire, etc., and make sure they are noted on the rental sheet. Take pictures with a date stamp too—just in case you need it after you return.


[Shew! That’s a lot of information!!  Do you have any advice I’m missing or a great Ireland car rental story? Share them with us and join our community of Ireland travel enthusiasts.]   

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23 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Car in Ireland”

  1. Tony2phones July 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    You have missed the “Hold” when not purchasing SCDW. Irish rental cars must have Theft and 3rd party insurance which should always be included in the basic rate before adding CDW. if not why not??

    When getting quotes Know what has to be paid at the collection desk not just what you pay on line.

    And finally Agencies do not have to include anything more than the basic rate in their quote so if one quote is a lot cheaper, chances are something is missing.. By far the majority of complaints on Ireland travel forums come from people who have tried to save a little rather than going direct to the end suppliers..

    • Stephanie July 22, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

      Thanks so much for your input Tony2phones! Its great to have experts chiming in. :-) You reminded me of another thought too! Sometimes with “holds” it isn’t just a hold but a charge and then a refund. In the process, you maybe out exchange or international bank fees. Regarding theft and 3rd party insurance–if you are booking on a .com site they aren’t always included in the rental quote. I hope it was helpful including them in the descriptions here.

      Love your tips about knowing what is to be paid at the collection desk and not just to be paid online. I suggest creating a handy-dandy spread sheet and adding a column that details what’s not included in the quote, so you know what you need to pay at the counter.

  2. Bell | Wanderlust Marriage August 14, 2013 at 4:50 am #

    It is also about 6.80 euro per day for a child seat :) it is really expensive here for car rental. The airport pick up fees are really high! Thank you for putting this together, very helpful!!

    • Stephanie August 14, 2013 at 10:16 am #

      Yikes–6.8 Euro per day isn’t cheap! We don’t have to worry about this fee ourselves, but it can add up when have one or more children in a car seat still.

  3. Alex-Wanderlust Marriage August 14, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

    Great post! Really comprehensive info on what can be a bit of a complicated issue in Ireland what with airport surcharges, other additional fees and the fact that automatic cars are much more expensive to rent. I rang Europcar the other day about renting for a day in September and they quoted me 50 euro extra for an automatic car over manual…that’s crazy!

    • Stephanie August 14, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

      Renting an automatic can sometimes double the price per day quote. This and and excess waiver can really put a dent in the pocketbook. While expensive, I find both are worth the peace of mind on those tiny Irish roads. :-)

  4. Ronan August 15, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    The picture for the car rental insurance section is pretty grim.

    • Stephanie August 15, 2013 at 8:35 am #

      I suppose it is pretty grim. Accidents are no fun that’s for sure. Glad we haven’t had to worry about it in Ireland (so far).

  5. Dee September 20, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    great information, wish I had read this before renting from Dubiln Airport and certainly wouldn’t have used Sixt – what started out with Sixt at £34 or car rental for 4 days ended up costing £199! Companies like this should detail EXACTLY what the charges on on-line before you book. Still endeavouring to get back the “refundable” damage deposit.

  6. Andrew October 29, 2013 at 10:14 pm #


    I was wondering, if I purchase the Super Insurance and bring the excess to $0, are there any other holds the rental company will put on my credit card? Thank you!

    • Stephanie October 30, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

      Hi Andrew,

      If you get the Super Excess insurance. There should not be any extra holds placed on your card. Super excess basically absolves you of any damage to the car (except tires and windshield damage). Hope this helps (and you enjoy your trip to Ireland!).

  7. Dee October 30, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    Still trying to get my refund from SIXT, totally ignoring e-mails, absolute rip-off company, don’t use them!

    • Stephanie November 1, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

      Good luck Dee! Most car rental companies sure know how to squeeze the money out of ya!

  8. Jackie McKinnis February 4, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

    We already have a tickets bought for flying into Dublin. We will tour the city first by public transportation, but then what’s the best way to get a rental? Are there rental places on the outskirts of Dublin?

    • Andrew February 4, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

      Hi Jackie,

      We were over in Ireland this past November and we found that renting a car was the best way to get around the country outside of Dublin. I was really skeptical at first; regarding required insurances and deposits and driving the opposite side of the road but it all worked out well. First, if you buy super excess insurance (meaning $0 deductible), prepay for gas ($55 euros), the only deposit we were required was $100 euros for traffic tickets. Buying this insurance put my mind at ease and not worried about dings and scratches if were to occur. We used Europcar (http://www.europcar.ie/dublincity.html) and everything turned out great. They returned my deposit within couple of days after dropping the car off. Secondly, driving around the country was great. The map the rental company provides you is sufficient and the major roads are pretty well labelled. Good luck and hope this helps!

      • Jackie McKinnis February 4, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

        Thanks so much Andrew. I will check out the website you have suggested, and i appreciate your comments and suggestions!

  9. Http://Emulateurz3Ds.Blogspot.Com February 17, 2014 at 2:07 am #

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  10. Marilyn April 7, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

    Hi Joe and Stephanie,
    Glad I found your blog. We have flights to Ireland this September but are trying to put together the rest of the trip. We fly in and out of Dublin but have little wish to drive much in the city. Is it easy to get transport to and from the airport? We thought we would spend a couple of nights in Dublin before heading out to the West Coast. Can we rent cars somewhere in City Center Dublin? Any advice?

    • Stephanie April 7, 2014 at 9:15 pm #

      Hi Mailyn,
      Great question! You are on the right track. Don’t rent cars for your time in the city. You won’t use them because it is just rotten to drive around Dublin. We used the aircoach bus: http://www.aircoach.ie/ to get to the city center after our arrival flight. I think a round trip ticket is about 13 euros now, which will be much less expensive than getting a cab there and back. You can also get a single ticket and pick up your rental in the city center, but again that means you will be driving in the city (even to get out of it). We found it relatively painless to get back to the airport and drive out from there. But both are certainly options. Just remember, left side of the road and have someone else navigate, look for on coming traffic and other possible hazards. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. You’d be surprised how your brain is able to flip it for you after a while.

      Good luck! And enjoy it! I am sure you will just love Ireland!

  11. Alexia April 12, 2014 at 2:30 pm #


    I will be traveling to Ireland with my husband and 2 friends. One of my friends will be driving in Ireland and we have been deciding who will be paying. I think my friend who will drive has to pay online. Who has to pay for car rental online?

    • Stephanie April 13, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

      Hi Alexia,
      Most car companies have options for payment. Many give small discounts for people who opt to pay upfront. I say it would be a little odd that she wold be required, unless she wanted to get that extra discount. Check out sites like Hertz.ie or dandooley.ie. Both do not require payment up front.

      Hope this helps and good luck finding a good deal. I know it can be tough!

  12. carolyn April 22, 2014 at 1:44 am #

    We will be travelling in Ireland next March as we will be in a unfamiliar environment I was concerned if we had an accident because e.g. we failed to give right of way. Would super collision damage waver cover that.


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