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How Much Does It Cost? Part III: Food in Ireland

We’re counting up all the expenses for our 2014 trip to Ireland. Parts I and II covered transportation and accommodations. This time we are talking about one of my favorite subjects, food! Not just any food though, so-delicious-I-can-still-taste-it-someone-please-bring-me-some-now food. Food in Ireland The Irish have an incredibly strong connection to the land and sea. Restaurants and pubs […]

How Much Does It Cost? Part II: Accommodations in Ireland

Welcome to Part 2 of our ‘How Much Does It Cost’ series (Part 1 on transportation). This time we’re reviewing all our Accommodations in Ireland—how much they cost and our experiences with each place.  Joe and I stayed in 7 different locations for 14 nights in June, 2014, opting to stay in most places for multiple nights. We […]