• Stephanie and Joe Chastain

    Stephanie and Joe Chastain created Infinite Ireland as a guide for first time visitors to Ireland. Start with Ireland Planning: 101 and begin planning your trip to Ireland today.

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Read about our experiences, tips, and even a few mistakes while traveling in Ireland For More Inspiration
  • Wet Feet and Wellies: A Day Trip to Great Saltee


    “Ready for a wet landing?” “What’s a wet landing?” I found myself asking, even though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer. Besides Steph and I, there were four others waiting at the pier. These four, a group of jovial middle-aged men, had been trading jokes with each other since we had joined […]

  • Infinite Ireland Meets Hotels Cheap

    HotelsCheap.Org Logo

    A few weeks ago I was asked by HotelsCheap.org to answer a few questions about our travels in Ireland. As I perused the site, I got hooked on their travel blogger interview section.

  • Ireland Itinerary: Spreading Love for the Sunny South East

    Lough Tay Co. Wicklow

    Last December we began planning our 2014 trip to Ireland. We intended to plan and reserve everything well in advance like we usually do