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  • Stephanie and Joe Chastain

    Stephanie and Joe Chastain created Infinite Ireland as a guide for first time visitors to Ireland. Start with Ireland Planning: 101 and begin planning your trip to Ireland today.

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Read about our experiences, tips, and even a few mistakes while traveling in Ireland For More Inspiration
  • How Much Does It Cost? Part I: Transportation in Ireland

    Every few months or so Joe and I do a thorough budget check to make sure we are on track to get ourselves back to Ireland soon. Luckily, I have kept tabs on how much it costs to travel Ireland, so I know we need a pretty good chunk of change to travel how we want.

  • Wet Feet and Wellies: A Day Trip to Great Saltee


    “Ready for a wet landing?” “What’s a wet landing?” I found myself asking, even though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer. Besides Steph and I, there were four others waiting at the pier. These four, a group of jovial middle-aged men, had been trading jokes with each other since we had joined […]

  • Infinite Ireland Meets Hotels Cheap

    HotelsCheap.Org Logo

    A few weeks ago I was asked by HotelsCheap.org to answer a few questions about our travels in Ireland. As I perused the site, I got hooked on their travel blogger interview section.