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  • Stephanie and Joe Chastain

    Stephanie and Joe Chastain created Infinite Ireland as a guide for first time visitors to Ireland. Start with Ireland Planning: 101 and begin planning your trip to Ireland today.

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Read about our experiences, tips, and even a few mistakes while traveling in Ireland For More Inspiration
  • Shamrock Gift Giveaway!

    I was recently contacted by Shamrock Gift to see if I wanted to giveaway a few items from their Irish gifts website on Infinite Ireland.

  • 41 Helpful Websites For Planning a Trip to Ireland

    Trinity College Dublin Exterior

    I am a bit obsessive about Ireland travel planning. I save everything, including tried and true online travel resources. 

  • Top 5 Ireland Travel Tips

    Rainbox by J McDowell

    I get a lot of emails from people planning their first trip to Ireland. Almost everyone asks for Ireland travel tips.