Planning: 101

Fanad Peninsula Lighthouse and Inlet Co. Donegal

One of the many places a tour bus cannot go. Fanad Peninsula, Co. Donegal

Planning your first trip to Ireland is intimidating. There are hundreds of guidebooks, websites, and forums all telling you what to do, but none telling you how to do it. You want to travel on your own, but a coach tour would be so much easier, right?

Resist the temptation to take a whirl-wind tour of Ireland. You know the kind, the type that promises to cart you across the entire island in a week. You may “see” a lot, but I promise, most of it will be through a bus window. By the end of the trip, you will be so sick of tripping over other travelers to get a picture through the tinted glass that you won’t even bother getting out of your seat.

I will grant that not all group travel is bad. However you can plan your very own perfect vacation to Ireland without worry or pouring over guidebooks for weeks on end.

Ask yourself these 7 critical questions and you be in great shape for planning a trip of a lifetime.

Where should you stay?

When should you go?

Where should you go?

How long should you go?

How much will you spend?

How do you decide what do?

Who are you traveling with?

Need help answering the questions? Click the links for an in-depth look at each planning phase. Still have Ireland travel planning questions? Email us! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help you plan a perfect first trip to Ireland!

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