How Long

Slieve League Cliffs Co. Donegal

Donegal's Slieve League cliffs are best attempted on a dry day.

Obviously, the longer you can stay in Ireland the more you will be able to see. But visiting Ireland is much more about the quality of your trip than it is about the quantity of time. You can travel Ireland for one day or one month and have an equally magical experience.

Two Nights Per Location

Another suggestion is to plan at least two nights in one location. This will help you go deeper into the culture and see much more. Let’s face it, the longer you are in a car, the less you will be engaged in the culture and the people. Also, if you have a “must do” outdoor activity on your list, you will be able to pick which day to do that activity based upon the weather.

Overestimate Travel Time

Underestimating the distances between places is an easy mistake when planning your trip to Ireland. There is so much to see in a seemingly small area (The Republic of Ireland is roughly the size of West Virginia), but the time it takes to get from point A to point B on Ireland’s tiny roads is very deceptive.

Drive Less, See More

Without proper planning, you may spend excessive time in the car. Try for no more than 2 hours of driving/riding in one day. Check for traveling times and add 20% plus extra time for stopping for the perfect pub lunch or a rest by the sea.