Deciding What to Do

Top of Errigal Mountain Co. Donegal

Is hill walking on your must do list? Top of Errigal Mountain, Co. Donegal

The type of vacation you have in Ireland largely depends on your travel style. Are you interested in beautiful vistas or museums, cities or rural towns, relaxation or adventure, places of historical significance or modern architecture?

Know Your Travel Style

You can concentrate on one or all of these activities on your trip, but it does help when planning to know if you like one more than another. This can help you decide how long to stay in the city, and how many nights at each bed and breakfast. It can allow you to write-off the museum, but plan a seaside hill walk instead.


If you have already identified which region you will concentrate your stay, you can look up activities within that area that match your preferred style. This is a great time to pull out those guidebooks or search online forums for suggestions of things to do in that area.

New Grange, Co. Meath

Perhaps you like historic sites? New Grange, Co. Meath

Be Flexible

When you get to Ireland, keep a list of activities that you are most interested in with you, but be flexible. The beauty of  traveling Ireland by region is that not only will you be able to do many of the items on your list; you will also be able to account for suggestions from locals and change your plans as easily as the weather.