1. Unscented laundry detergent is very difficult to find in Ireland. I take some unscented detergent “pods” with me because I hate the smell of most detergents available in the stores.

    • Great tip Michelle! We usually bring our own, but this year I was considering getting it there to save some space. We only use the free and clear kind (especially with our little one now). You’ve convinced me to bring with us again. Thanks. :-)

  2. Good topic and info. We are getting ready for our fifth trip soon and previously our trips have been 23-31 days. We have never taken more than a weeks worth of clothes. We take a portable clothes line for fast dry items which can be washed at the b&b–socks, undies etc. The rest we always take to a local launderette–drop off AM, pick up PM–and your day is free to explore. We always ask at the B&B for launderette recommendations and have never had a problem finding one. Fewer clothes=smaller luggage bags required.

  3. Hi just came across your blog, always a hot topic in Ireland , how to dry clothes! We got an idea for a covered clothesline one Christmas when the house was full of family from the US and the tumble dryer was running nonstop. We felt there should be a more efficient and cost effective way to dry clothes and surely a covered clothesline was possible. So my husband consulted with an engineer to design a quality affordable product and we now makes covered clotheslines called Clothesline Canopy and sells them to homes and B&B’s throughout Ireland. It’s better for the environment to dry clothes outside and saves money on the electricity bill. Safe travels. Regards Bernie in Kerry

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