Ireland Travel Coaching

Make Sure Your Trip Goes Down as Smooth as a Pint of Stout


Let Me Be Your Ireland Planning Partner


You’ll quickly get the advice you need without spending hours researching online or deciphering which travel advice to take. I want you to get the information you need to finally feel confident (and excited!) about your trip. 


Immersive. Intimate. Slow. Really experiencing Ireland. Those are the kind of trips I like to plan. When we're done you'll have an itinerary outline you'll love. 


Doing it alone is overwhelming and making a mistake could cost you more in the long run. We'll fast track your planning and save you hours and hours of time and money. 

What is Ireland Travel Coaching?

More Than Just a Phone Call. An Ireland Experience of a Lifetime. 

Get Organized 

You'll instantly receive my step-by-step Ireland Preparation Worksheet helping you identify your biggest Ireland travel planning questions and help you get organized for our time together. 


One-on-One Planning Help

You know you. And I know Ireland. Together, we're going to create the trip you've been dreaming about (and have fun while we do it!).

I answer all your questions, give you pure, honest feedback, and outline an itinerary with so that you can plan an experience of a lifetime.

​Itinerary Outline

You won't be left empty handed after we hang up.

I'll send you a one-page itinerary ​outline of the amazing route we created.


What People Are Saying...

Blarney Castle Ireland

It's like having your own personal guidebook.

"It's like having your own personal guide book to answer all your questions and put things into perspective. I had the big picture accomplished but it was so nice to have help with the small details and how many nights to spend in each place. The follow up emails was incredibly helpful. I would definitely recommend Infinite Ireland. Thanks Stephanie!”

Stacey Corrigan (Canada)

Sheep on Achill Island Ireland Travel Videos

She had a keen sense of knowing what type of activities we would enjoy shortly into our conversation.

"Stephanie gives us confidence we will have a fabulous first trip to Ireland since she had answers to all of our questions and gave us terrific ideas for where to go and what to do. She had a keen sense of knowing what type of activities we would enjoy shortly into our conversation. She exudes passion and excitement about Ireland and I would recommend her service without any hesitation!

Donna Dunagan (California)

trad session donegal

Talking with Stephanie probably took weeks of planning and researching off my plate.

"Talking with Stephanie on the phone was everything I wanted in a traveling coach. Stephanie knows Ireland well, and I love that she suggested sites that were off the beaten path. She made me feel so confident with her recommendations of what to see and do because of the passion I could hear in her voice. Talking with Stephanie probably took weeks of planning and researching off my plate. She knew and understood the type of trip I wanted, and at times I felt she knew my travel needs better than I did. There is no doubt in my mind that my next trip to Ireland will be planned with Stephanie. It really is a no brainer. Thanks Stephanie"

Debra Dineen (Maine)

Ireland Travel Coaching

  • A Super Focused 60 Minute Travel Planning Consult Designed to Answer Your Questions & Help You Create Your Perfect Ireland Itinerary 
  • Travel Coaching Preparation Worksheet to help you define and organize all your questions!
  • A one-page summary of your amazing Ireland itinerary outline we created


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    Steal My Secrets: Mastering Your Trip to Ireland eBook
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    Recording of our coaching session

Hi! I'm Stephanie, Your Ireland Travel Coach

Ireland is my favorite place in the whole world. You're going to love it there.

When I planned our first trip (our honeymoon!), I had no idea what I was doing. I had never planned a big trip before (let alone been out of the country).   

I spent hours and hours poring over websites, forums, and guidebooks collecting way too much information and conflicting advice. 

Everything (surprisingly!) turned out great. We made some mistakes, but, man, we had a wonderful time. 

Annnnnd we went back. Many, many times. 

So I totally get it. For such a little country, it can be surprisingly difficult to plan.  For a such a special  trip, you want everything just right. And it should be.  

I'd be honored to help. :-) 

Is Ireland Travel Coaching Right For You?

Working with me is not for everybody and that's okay. I want to be sure I am the girl for you.

Who is this for

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    You're building your own itinerary and you're worried about putting it all together (especially where to go and how many nights to stay in each place).
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    You want someone to bounce your ideas off of and give you feedback to help maximize your time in Ireland.
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    You are looking for a few hidden gems and tips to make your trip to Ireland extra special.
  • check-circle-o
    You have a unique travel situation (multi-generational trip, young children, food allergies) or something that you are finding to be particularly challenging to navigate on your own.

Who is this not for

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    You want to see "all of Ireland" in less than a week.
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    You're not willing to hear feedback about your current plans.
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    You're looking for tour operator recommendations.
  • times-circle-o
    You want me to make reservations for you. Sorry, I'm not a travel agent.
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    You don't like ice-cream. Just kidding, but who are you and what do you eat?

An Investment? Yes.

A Trip of a Lifetime? So worth it.


Recording of our coaching session

You won’t need to feverishly take notes while we chat because you’ll also receive a link to the recording of our session delivered straight to your inbox. Soak in all the travel planning goodness again or send it to your traveling partners that weren't able to chat with us.

My Pr​omise To You!

I am so confident that my travel coaching will help you plan a better trip to Ireland that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Ireland Travel Coaching session, you will be refunded 100%. No questions asked.

Stephanie Chastain

More Kind Words About Travel Coaching


The best investment we made from a planning standpoint

"The time we spent on the phone with Stephanie proved to be invaluable and the best investment we made from a planning standpoint. Our coaching session provided great advice that ensured that we got the most out of our trip. My advice would be not to head out before speaking with Stephanie; she is the best."

Patrick J. Mchugh (Canada)

Kylemore Abbey County Galway

She began by getting to know us – what we wanted.

"For first-timers or 10th-timers, when you’re planning your trip to Ireland, begin by making a new best friend here in the states: Stephanie Chastain with Infinite Ireland. Stephanie was so helpful and complete in working with us on our itinerary that I felt like we brought along our own personal tour guide. She wasn’t just interested in listing typical touristy places for us to go and see, but she began by getting to know us – what we wanted. And then she whittled down our impossible list of must-see’s and wanta-do’s to a manageable size. I can’t imagine had we struck out on our own! So not only will you gain lovely new Irish friends on your trip, you’ll have one stateside as well. Thank you, Stephanie. You’re brilliant! (to quote the Irish :-))"

Shari Buie (Texas)

Eyeries Village

She helped us focus and zero in on forming a wonderful itinerary

"Stephanie was incredibly helpful in planning our trip to Ireland. We were frustrated and confused about where to go and what to see. She helped us focus and zero in on forming a wonderful itinerary for travel, sightseeing, driving, and where to stay."

Sally Robertson (California)

Durty Nellies and Bunratty

She was easy to relate to regardless of the place or situation I wanted to ask about…no judgments…just friendly and kind advice!

"Stephanie was a wealth of information in many different areas I inquired about. She was kind and generous and never made me feel silly for asking (silly!) first time traveler questions! I loved most that Stephanie helped me feel confident in my own planning and interests by offering encouragement and positive enthusiasm. She was easy to relate to regardless of the place or situation I wanted to ask about…no judgments…just friendly and kind advice! I really trust Stephanie and would absolutely recommend her to anyone planning a trip to Ireland, whether it's for the first time or the 10th! Her advice was accurate, relevant, current, and thorough! I'm so glad I came across Stephanie's travel website as it made a world of difference in planning my dream vacation….something I had no idea how to manifest...and yet her information helped make my dream accessible and ultimately successful! Thank you Stephanie!"

Shawna Timmerman (California)

Giving back.

Tullaun Castle is a striking tower house castle built in the mid 1500's set among the beautiful rolling green hillsides of North Tipperary.

Unfortunately, like many other tower house castles in Ireland, it has been left to ruin for the last few hundred years. Until now...

Kevin and Sonja (and their adorable pup, Tilly) are restoring this castle to it's former glory without any public funding.

With every Travel Coaching purchase, Infinite Ireland sends a little their way to keep the project going! Thank you! 

Tullaun Castle North Tipperary Ireland


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