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Travel Planning Webinar

Simple and Clear Advice for Planning an Unforgettable Trip to Ireland

Knee Deep in Research for Your Trip to Ireland?


You don’t need more information.

You just need the right information.

You need simple and clear direction about the nuts and bolts of your trip without spending hours deciphering opinions and options.

An online workshop designed to simplify Ireland travel planning, showing you how to create an immersive Ireland itinerary with ease. 


The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar





Creating a Perfectly Paced Itinerary

Deciding what not to do can be just as important as deciding what to do. Learn how to fit it all in without spending too much time in the car (and build in some time to discover hidden gems along the way). 


The Stuff You Need To Know

Renting a Car, Driving on the Left, Cell Phones, WIFI, Money, Travel Insurance, Tipping... We cover all the important things you need to know that aren’t necessarily tied to your itinerary but you still need to get right in order to have a great trip. 


Get Your Questions Answered

This is everyone’s favorite part of the webinar! Get all your specific Ireland questions answered live by me (someone who has actually been there and knows exactly what you’re going through). You shouldn’t have to second guess your decisions. I'll stay on as long as I need to make sure you feel confident about your plans.

We were excited about our trip to Ireland but didn’t realize how much we DID NOT know until we watched/listened to the webinar.

The information helped us be better prepared and as a result, much more relaxed about our trip. I had visited many sites seeking information, but Stephanie’s webinar was the best information I found. We had a wonderful trip to Ireland and I am so glad we found Stephanie.

– Robynn Holland, Georiga

We just completed our most delightful (first) trip to Ireland, thanks, in no small part, to the advice I received in the webinar.

By listening to the webinar and using the extra informational links provided as part of it, I was able to confidently plan a 10-day vacation in the South west of Ireland. There were so many little things gained through the workshop that added to a hugely successful trip for my husband, his brother and sister-in-law, and me. I had a plan and the answer for almost everything that came up. I was able to really relax and enjoy!

– Mariann & John Fessenden, King Ferry, New York

I highly recommend taking this workshop.

Stephanie is very detailed and willing to answer any questions you may have. It is packed with a ton of information that will make your trip enjoyable. Well worth the investment!

– Christine Burns, Indiana

I’ve gleaned so much from the webinar!

You have been by far the best resource for planning. You get into the nitty gritty for a first-timer coming Ireland. It's just so helpful and timely!

– Dee Grier


Meet Stephanie, Your Travel Coach

Hi Travel Friend!

Ireland is my favorite place in the whole world. You’re going to love it there. When I planned our first trip back in 2006, I had no idea what I was doing. I spent hours and hours poring over websites, forums, and guidebooks collecting way too much information and conflicting advice. So I totally get it. For such a little country, it can be surprisingly difficult to plan. You want everything just right. And it should be.  After more than 10 years traveling to Ireland, I’ve learned a thing or two.I know you need simple and clear advice to finally create that trip you’ve always dreamed about, and I am here to help. I can’t wait to get started!

Perfectly Paced

 Learn how to create an itinerary with full days of experiencing Ireland without rushing from site to site

The Essentials

Get all the information you need to know quickly and in one place so you can move on with planning

Stop Being Overwhelmed

Have all your questions answered, gain confidence, and bring back that excitement for your trip!


Here is what we cover:



Here is what we cover:

Your itinerary:

A great Ireland itinerary has you immersed in the culture, people and scenery, not rushing from site to site. Learn my tried-and-true framework travelers looking to wander the backroads in search of a unique and authentic Ireland experience. 

Car Rentals & Transportation:

We’ll demystify the Irish rental car process, making sure you get the right insurance to cover those all-too-easy to get dings and scratches. Get the best suggestions for trips with public transport or the friendliest (and most helpful!) private guides.

Driving on the Left:

Driving on the left is intimidating, but there is surprisingly a lot you can do to prepare before you even step foot in Ireland. Discover the best tips for an easy transition to driving on the left.


I’ll share my tricks for finding the best accommodations on any route. Want to wing it? Eliminate the worry of sleeping in your car and get the guidance you need to find B&Bs on the fly.


Don’t throw away your hard-earned vacation money. Learn how to spend your money without paying more in fees, taxes, and tipping than you need to.

Cell Phones & Wifi:

Get the scoop on how to use your phone in Ireland to navigate, stay connected back home and upload all those Instagram worthy photos you’ll be taking.

Traditional Irish Music, Food & Drink

Know how to locate the best places to eat and find traditional Irish music in any town. Find out how you can still eat well in Ireland even if you have dietary restrictions.


Packing is an art. No matter what time of year you’re headed to Ireland, after the webinar you’ll be prepared for Ireland’s famous “four seasons in one day” weather.


Adapters? Converters? Car Chargers? Uncover the essential things to take with you to keep your electronics charged (and what to leave at home).

Stephanie’s webinar covered just about everything a first time traveler to Ireland needed for a successful and memorable trip.

Her suggestions, tips and general information were in-depth, detailed, and fueled by her love of the country. Her webinar, coupled with other research we did in preparation for our trip June of 2019, made for the best vacation we have ever taken. I still think about it all the time and can't wait to go back someday. We went with our daughter and son-in-law (who were our navigator and driver). We took our time and savored every moment.

– Maryann Gurecki, The Woodlands, TX

I was charged with planning a family trip to Ireland. Even though I had travelled to Ireland several times before I was extremely nervous taking on this task. I came across Stephanie’s workshop and signed up pronto. The workshop helped from booking accommodations, planning your itinerary to safe credit card use.

I highly recommend Stephanie’s workshop for a successful less stressful trip!

– Vicky Sisk, Chicago, Illinois

“Absolutely, I would recommend Stephanie’s Travel Planning Webinar for anyone who decides to plan a trip to Ireland on your own terms.”

– Christine Hart

I attended this workshop six months before my trip. It was loaded with info I used while planning my trip which was a small group tour of the Wild Atlantic Way.

I was traveling on my own and it was my first international trip. This workshop was full of great info that I used while making my plans. Info like securing a place the night before and after the tour was invaluable. Info on obtaining cash while there was also great. Thanks for doing this Stephanie!

– Barb Kates, PA

I was especially grateful for the information provided about the whole driving in Ireland process.

How to pick the best rental agency (thanks for the form, it helped a lot), which insurance to purchase and the videos on how to drive on the left. Mantra: wide right, lean left!

– Marcy H, Texas


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Just so you know I am serious—If you’re not satisfied that this webinar helped you better plan your trip, I will refund you 100% within 30 days of purchase.


Did I mention there are Bonuses?


Travel Templates

Two of my favorite routes that you can steal, modify, or simply grab a few hidden gems along your trip! These bonus travel templates tell you which areas to stay in (and for how many nights!). You’ll get a few of my favorite back roads stops along the way too!


 Ireland Travel Planning

Resource Guide

A PDF guide chock-full of additional links and resources to help you continue to plan long after the webinar.


Copy of the Entire Presentation Slides & Recording

I don't want to leave you hanging on anything so you'll get a recording of the entire presentation and slides sent right to you inbox within just hours of the webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I click register now? 
  • You will be taken to my secure payment processor to register you for The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar. Enter your name, email and credit card details (any Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit or debit card accepted).
  • After your payment is securely processed, you will receive your unique webinar log-in link within 48 hours.
  • On the day of the webinar, I will dive deep into the topics above (and a few more!) so you can finally stop second guessing yourself and confidently plan the Ireland trip you’ve been dreaming of.
How long is the webinar?

It's two+ hours of amazing content and I will stay on until all your questions are answered. No more scrolling, reading and bookmarking. Once we’re done, you’ll have everything that you need to finalize all your trip plans.

Can I watch the webinar later?

Yes! All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar yours to watch anytime you are ready to plan.

Those who can’t attend live also get the opportunity to submit questions before the webinar so you can be confident all your questions will be answered regardless if you can make it live or not. No matter when you're available, you’ll be sure to get all you need to plan your trip of a lifetime.

Do I have to download any software or know anything special about the technology before attending the webinar?

Nope! As long as you have the internet and a Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Edge browser, you’ll be all set! You can even watch on a mobile iOS or Android device. 

Here are the minimum version requirements for each browser:

• Chrome 55+

• Firefox 49+

• Internet Explorer 11+

• Safari 12.1+

• Edge 17+

What is the difference between The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar and The Custom Ireland Itinerary service?

The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar gives you the tools to confidently plan a trip to Ireland on your own. The Custom Ireland Itinerary service provides a tailormade Ireland Itinerary customized to your specific needs and interests, and offers continued one-on-one planning support. Many people start with the webinar and use that as a jumping off point for the custom service.

How do I purchase?

Click here to complete payment and register for The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar. 

What if I have a question not listed here? 

You can always contact me at I am happy to help!

Thank you, Stephanie, for being such a huge part of our wonderful Ireland experience!

Whether you choose a webinar with Stephanie or what I think of as the “Full Irish Breakfast” with her by letting her help you plan your whole trip with a Custom Ireland Itinerary, just DO it! Her warm interpersonal manner combined with her in-depth knowledge of and experience in Ireland is a gift for anyone planning either a first trip to the Emerald Isle OR subsequent trips to parts of Ireland you haven’t yet visited 

– Roberta Steed

I’ve gleaned so much from the webinar, plus your site!

You have been by far the best resource for planning. You get into the nitty gritty for a first-timer coming Ireland. It's just so helpful and timely!

– Kirby Larson

Worth every penny!!!!

Went to Ireland with a large group - 7 adults and 2 kids. I took Stephanie’s webinar and it was a jumping off point to help me plan the details of our trip. She was so helpful with personal questions I had via email before and after the webinar. I think her best advice is to pick the quadrant(s) to visit. After being in Ireland it makes a lot of sense to do it that way! Her tips, sample itineraries, off the beaten path suggestions all came in very handy. I’m already planning my next trip back - there wasn’t a bad moment on our trip! Thank you Stephanie!

– Cathie B

I feel as if our trip was much smoother and our experiences much richer because we took the webinar.

My husband and I had the opportunity to take a 24 day trip to Ireland. We have just returned and much of what Stephanie shares in the webinar came back to us at some point in our trip. She gives great advice and is open to questions after the webinar. Thanks, Stephanie!

– Lori Durbin, Greensburg, Indiana

I highly recommend her webinar as a great place to start planning your vacation to Ireland!

Stephanie is a true professional when it comes to all things Ireland and was extremely helpful in planning our vacation. Her advice is both practical and easy to apply to your own specifications. Her tips on planning where to go, how long to stay in each place, finding special moments, and of course her advice on car rentals and insurance were so valuable to us.

– Sharon Crimmons


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