The Ultimate Ireland Packing List

My husband and I been traveling to Ireland for over fifteen years and I use this Ireland packing list every single time we go.

Ultimate Ireland Packing List

On our first trip, I wasn’t exactly sure what to pack. Apparently I wasn’t that good at it, because upon arrival I realized that I forgot my toothbrush. Luckily, toothbrushes are easy enough to come by. :-)

Since then, I’ve become a master packer. I am pretty sure I could pack us up and be ready to go in under an hour.

Outlined below is the Ultimate Ireland Packing List–the best little list for everything to bring and do before your trip to Ireland.

I should mention, however, that an Ireland packing list is personal. Everyone has different needs. Use this one as a guide and add or delete items as you need.

Also you may notice I’ve got a few links on some of the items. These are some of my favorite things that I personally use for our trips to Ireland. You can find out why I love them on my Resources Page.

The Ultimate Ireland Packing List

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3 pants
5 shirts
2 undershirts or camis
2 sweaters or fleece
8 pairs of underwear
3 bras
8 pairs of socks
Travel scarf
Pair of gloves and hat if traveling in shoulder/winter season
Walking shoes (women) (men)
Hiking shoes (women) (men) (only necessary if hiking)
Waterproof jacket (women) (men)
Winter waterproof jacket (women) (men)


Wash cloth
Body wash/soap
face wash
Travel Size Containers (for said, Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash)
Shaving cream
Hair brush, ties, and products (e.g. Gel, Hairspray)
Chap stick
Hand sanitizer
Baby wipes for every day messes
Disinfectant for airplane surfaces
Compact windproof travel umbrella

First Aid Supplies & Other Toiletries:

Band Aids/disinfectant
Pain reliever (Tylenol/Advil)
Motion sickness medication
Vitamin C drops
Feminine hygiene products
Glasses/contact lenses/solution
Safety pins
Fingernail clippers
Prescription medications in original bottles with labels
Masks (not required except in medical facilities)
Covid Tests (not required for travel; only precautionary if you find yourself feeling unwell)

Travel Gear

1 Medium Size Suitcase
Daypack/Backpack or Purse
Luggage Tags
Collapsable duffle/Dirty laundry bag/extra souvenir bag
Packing Cubes
Extra plastic bags: Quart & Gallon

Travel Documents/Money:

Plane tickets
Copy of passport in separate safe location from original
Driver’s license
Health insurance information
Travel insurance information
100 euros cash
Credit/debit cards
Credit/debit cards contact info in separate location from original

Keeping You Organized” Ireland Packing List Binder:

Ireland Itinerary
Accommodation reservations
Car rental reservation information
Pre-booked experiences confirmation numbers
Road Map (note: this map is huge–you will have to creatively fold it while driving but worth it for the detail)
Travel journal/notebook
Receipt/brochure/scrapbook items folder
US & Irish emergency numbers
Business cards/contact info
Addresses for postcards home


Phone charger
E-reader/Notebook & charger
Phone Holder for car

Random Bits:

Travel Books/Guides
Empty Refillable Water Bottle
Airplane Entertainment
Walking Sticks (if hiking)
Small flashlight
Music for the Car
Cutlery for Picnics
Extra Space!

Your Ireland Packing List Additions:

  • _______________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________

Ireland Pre-trip To Do List


In the Weeks Before You Leave:

Purchase Travel Insurance
Check passport does not expire within the next six months
Check credit/debit card expiration dates
Call credit card/banks & set travel notification to Ireland
Check out what hospitals are covered by health insurance and understand claim process
Decide if you want you want to purchase euros before you arrive or grab them when you get to Ireland
Hold your snail mail
Set autoresponder on your email(s)
Pay all bills due while gone
Re-confirm reservations with bed and breakfast owners/indicate time of arrival/ask for correct address or driving directions
Utilize Google Street View of airport exits and accommodations. Look at landmarks, signs, and traffic patterns
Leave itinerary, contact information with loved one at home

The Day Before You Leave:

Clean-out wallet (no need to take everything)
Charge all electronics
Clean out fridge
Wash the dishes
Take out the trash
Pack food for airport and plane
Check-in for flights online

Double/Triple Check in the Moments Before You Leave:

Turn down thermostat
Unplug electrical items
Plane Tickets
Driver’s License
Accommodation & Experiences Reservations
Car Rental Information

Finally, a couple of quick Ireland packing list tips:

  1. “Pack half as much and take twice the money.” Ha! If you think you need to bring more, you very well may, but most people don’t.
  2. You probably won’t even need to take everything on this list.
  3. If you forget something, you can buy it in Ireland most of the time. It is always fun to run into a store and act like a local anyway.
  4. Even if you are traveling for more than one week, you won’t need any more than this. Drop off laundry at a launderette in town to pick it up clean at the end of the day.
  5. If you’re traveling during the off or shoulder season, you may want to take an extra layer, but you’re likely not going to need much more than what’s already on this list.

That’s it! The Ultimate Ireland Packing List. For a free printable version of this list, enter your email below. Happy packing, friend!


Are you about to travel to Ireland for the first time? Or, are you a seasoned traveler, but unsure of what to pack for your trip to Ireland? I have become a master packer! Get my ULTIMATE Ireland Packing List here.
Are you about to travel to Ireland for the first time? Or, are you a seasoned traveler, but unsure of what to pack for your trip to Ireland? I have become a master packer! Get my ULTIMATE Ireland Packing List here.
Are you about to travel to Ireland for the first time? Or, are you a seasoned traveler, but unsure of what to pack for your trip to Ireland? I have become a master packer! Get my ULTIMATE Ireland Packing List here.
Are you about to travel to Ireland for the first time? Or, are you a seasoned traveler, but unsure of what to pack for your trip to Ireland? I have become a master packer! Get my ULTIMATE Ireland Packing List here.

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  1. My wife and I are planning on a trip to the Emerald Isle next June/July 2017. This list is pretty awesome, however, I don’t like pants. I much prefer Cargo shorts. I don’t get that cold, and I prefer the temps in the 60’s. Can I wear shorts during this time, or is the weather just so weird that pants are almost required?

    1. We just returned from our trip and had beautiful weather. Temos were anywhere from 65-80. My husband also prefers shorts and wore them the majority of the trip with no problem. At night it can cool down though. The weather is definitely up and down though so be prepared for any/all types. I would at least pack a couple pairs of pants to be on the safe side. Enjoy!

  2. Hi, I just stumbled onto this site. The info given is fantastic! I am about to embark on a short, five-day trip to Northern Ireland. 2.5 days in Belfast, one day taking a Giant’s Causeway Tour and one day (with an overnight) in Derry. I have been watching weather forecasts and unfortunately it seems it will rain, rain, rain during my time in Northern Ireland.

    I read somewhere that a trench coat is a good thing to bring for the rain. What do you think? I already am bringing a medium heavy fleece and a rain jacket with hood (plus an umbrella, of course). Will a trench coat look out of place in September?

    I am also wondering about the food. Is there such thing as Irish cuisine? Are there a lot of ethnic restaurants around?

    Lastly I would like a chance to listen to Irish music. Someone told me that the best places to go for Irish music are Catholic bars. Do you agree? Also, I am not a beer drinker. Do people drink hard cider in Ireland?

    Thanks so much!

    1. I think your rain coat with a hood would suffice and the fleece for dry/cooler days. You don’t want to overpack. Giants Causeway is amazing, you will surely enjoy it.
      My husband is not a beer drinker either and enjoyed Bulmer’s cider at every pub we went to. As far as where to go for traditional music…we found our best bet was to just ask the locals! When we were at lunch or dinner we would ask where we should go that night for whatever we were looking for;we were never disappointed. Have fun!

      1. Hi, Margie, thanks so much for your helpful reply to my questions. I agree with you that a rain jacket with a hood plus a fleece when needed will suffice. I’m glad you think Giant’s Causeway is worth it. I don’t think photos do it justice and I thought for a couple of days that I wouldn’t even bother to see it. Lastly, it’s good to know I’m not the only non-beer drinker out there :). It’s good to know there is even a hard cider brand in Ireland. Thanks again for your response! James

    2. Oh, and “Irish cuisine” can typically be ham and cabbage, beef stew, colcocan and the traditional irish breakfast however, you will find a wide range of foods and restaurants to choose from. We ate very well!

    3. I don’t know about fleece (I don’t like the stuff) but I would say a heavy woollen sweater (jumper if you’re English) and a light waterproof shell with a hood would be plenty if you’re going in the next month or two. Wool can take light rain without getting wet so you can put off wearing your waterproof shell until it’s really raining heavily. Bulmer’s cider in Ireland is the same as Magner’s in the U.K. since you’ll be in Norn Iron I’m not sure what to look for. I’m sure there will be lots of local ciders just ask. I only drink cider as well although I do like Guinness. One time I tried a different cider in every pub I went to and enjoyed (almost) every one!

  3. Stephanie,

    Thank you for this list. I kept everything to a minimum and had enough for my eight wonderful days in Ireland. It worked for Dublin, Galway, hiking, castle visits, boat tours (thank goodness for waterproof shoes). I am keeping this list with my Ireland travel notes and (hopefully) use it again. I appreciate your guidance.

    1. Yes. I am Derry right now. The weather is beautiful today. But last evening it started to rain hard. I was very glad I had waterproof shoes. The weather changes quickly in Ireland so it is best to be prepared.

  4. I am loving your site and the replies to questions. We have a 7 day trip in Feb. fly in to Dublin renting a car and spending 6 nights in Adair, and the last night back in Dublin. There are 11 of us in our group the youngest is my 2yrd son. Any day trip suggestions from Adair?

    1. Teresa: My two suggestions are Kenmare and Dingle. You can navigate the Ring of Kerry from Kenmare. I, however have found the Dingle peninsula to be more attractive…and not from a scenic perspective. Both are beautiful. I just fell in love with the town of Dingle. Certainly Dick Mack’s Pub is a standout, but there’s something about the residents of Dingle that made me feel at home there. I’ve visited twice and will likely go back again.
      Cheers. Brian

    2. Agree on going to the Dingle Peninsula. Dingle and the Ring of Kerry are similar in beauty, but I think the traffic along the Dingle Peninsula is a little less clogged. Dingle Town and Killarney are the anchors for the Peninsula and the Ring, respectively, and both can be fun, but Dingle Town is smaller and not dominated by chain hotels; Killarney is slightly larger, and you’ll find many of the chains. Like Brian, I favor Dingle Town. It has plenty of great restaurants and pubs (as does Killarney), and I like the personal touch of a smaller town.

      1. I’ve seen it stated that Dingle has 2900 residents and 59 pubs. That’s a lot of choices for afternoon and evening entertainment! There’s always a good selection of lively music and entertaining Craic! ;-)

  5. Hi, I’m a little confused about how recent this information is. At the top it says posted January 3, 2023 but the comments are from 2016!!! ???

    1. Hi Lori! I can completely understand your confusion. This post actually originally created in 2013 (which seems kind of crazy to me that it could be that old!). About every six months we update it to make sure all the links work and information is correct (which also updates the published date). Hope this helps clear it up!

    1. Hi Tina!
      So sorry I seemed to have missed notification on your question. June is great for long days–you’ll have daylight until 10 PM or there abouts. But October–particularly the latter half will have fewer crowds and lots of great opportunities for cozy pubs with fires lit. I usually say the best time to go is whenever if it fits best into your schedule. If you plan it right, you can usually avoid the bulk of the crowds. :-)
      Hope this helps!

  6. We are going to Ireland in July 2024 with our 2 kids who will be 14 and 18 years old. Will they be allowed in the pubs?

    1. Hi Betsie,
      Yes! Kids are allowed to be in pubs. Those under 15 technically are only allowed until 9 PM. However, I have seen more than one minor in the pub after 9 throughout my travels. The pub owner should enforce the rule, but not all do!

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