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Making sure you have a trip filled with iconic sites, hidden gems and authentic connection isn’t something you want to leave up to chance. At Infinite Ireland Travel Co., we use our network of local partners in Ireland to curate unforgettable experiences filled with genuine connection, stunning Irish landscapes and cozy pubs with peat fires.

Meticulously Crafted Itineraries Focused on Immersion, Authenticity & Comfort

Transparent Pricing

At Infinite Ireland Travel Co., we believe in 100% transparent pricing that allows us to facilitate the most authentic connections and experiences for our clients. We charge a planning and travel management fee based on the number of nights spent in Ireland. This fee allows us to make the best unbiased recommendations on behalf of our clients.

Our pricing model also means we can often provide the best rates directly from our partners in Ireland. You get to set the investment for your trip and we work within it. We can provide candid feedback about how much something costs locally and recommend a variety of incredible options within your investment range.

Snuggle up to some sheep on your trip to Ireland

Custom Ireland Travel Planning Services & Fees

Meet Stephanie

As a former study abroad advisor at a Big Ten University and an Ireland Travel Specialist since 2015, I’ve made it my mission in life to help curious travelers find the local and authentic.

Making connections with the people and the culture can transform an experience from good into wildly memorable. Imagine tapping your toes to tunes in the private home of a traditional musician. Or walking the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher with a local guide who is as full of fun as the scenery is beautiful.

I’d love to introduce you to my friends in Ireland. Complete a Trip Inquiry Form and let’s chat about your trip!


Let’s Talk Timing–When to Start Planning Your Trip

We only accept two new trips each month

Is your trip at least 6+ months away? That’s perfect! Complete the Trip Inquiry Form to schedule a Discovery Call. We’ll let you know when we can begin onboarding your trip.

The sooner you’re in our books the better.

We want to give our full attention to every single traveler we take on. You’re not just another number on big bus tour. You’re going to take a trip of a lifetime and we want to make sure it’s perfect.

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The Next Steps

→ Complete a Trip Inquiry Form. We’ll schedule a time to chat about your trip and see if our travel planning services are the right fit for you.

→ Then together we’ll co-create an itinerary you are thrilled about.

→ Stephanie and her team will work their magic make your trip come to life.

→ Bon Voyage! We’re with you every step of the way and so is your handy travel app for easy access your final itinerary. Then you’re off to an unforgettable trip to Ireland.

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You should contact us at least six months prior to departure. The best trips are often those that are planned well in advance so six months to a year or more is required. Once your planning fee deposit is paid, we’ll schedule you into our travel planning calendar.

Generally, no. From experience, we know that when we only get to work on certain pieces of your trip things can easily fall through the cracks. We want to ensure that the quality of every part of your trip is exactly what you envision.  However, if you have a unique situation, please reach out. We’d be happy to see if we’re the right fit or recommend someone who is.

No. Infinite Ireland Travel Co. is not a tour operator. Our fee includes the cost of our professional services for planning and managing your trip. We use our local contacts to build a trip for you from the ground up within your price range.

Most travel advisors rely on commission to earn an income. This business model typically limits them to booking experiences and packages with global suppliers that pay commission.

We choose to do things differently at Infinite Ireland Travel Co. We charge an up front fee so that we can use our destination expertise and direct access to partners on the ground to build your trip from the ground up.

We shift the focus from how much can we earn in commission to how can we create the most unforgettable travel experience. With our years of travel planning experience, we’ve cultivated relationships with people we trust who will welcome you to Ireland not just as travelers, but as a friend of a friend (and in Ireland that’s just as good as family).

Fire away! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about your trip. You can even email Stephanie directly at stephanie@infiniteireland.com.