Falling for Flowers

We recently returned from a two-week trip to Ireland. It was early September and we knew fall would soon be settling in. So I was surprised to see so many flowers in full bloom.

We had visited during this time of year on our very first trip, our honeymoon. I am pretty sure I was so enamored with the massive beauty that is the country of Ireland that I must not have taken notice of all the little things around me.

This time I made a distinct effort to soak it all in. It has been a difficult year personally and professionally and I was looking forward to this trip more than I ever. I knew that those couple of weeks would fly by and I would soon be back to my daily routine.

I was adamant about capturing everything—even the little things, especially the flowers.

It was as if I was trying to bottle it all up. The colors, the smells, and what I felt during those moments of complete and utter freedom from stress, illness and loss.

Now that we are back, I look at these pictures, and I am thankful for their joyful display and their vibrant colors.  They cheer me.

Do they cheer you too?

Purple Flower









Inis Mor Cafe Flowers

Pink Flowers

Antique Flower

Lough Bunny Reeds

Rose waiting to bloom

Man of Aran Flowers

Rowan Berries


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