An Ireland Travel Podcast: Stephanie Meets This Week in Travel


I did a thing this weekend. A pretty cool thing, if I do say so myself.

I was a guest on This week in Travel, a podcast hosted by Gary Arndt (Everything-Everywhere blog), Chris Christensen (The Amateur Traveler) and Jen Leo (former LA Times Web Buzz Travel Columnist).

I have known about Gary and Chris ever since I started following travel blogs and being generally obsessed with all things travel after our honeymoon in 2006.

To be a guest on their show was such an honor for me. I have the always-kind Corey from the Irish Fireside to thank for the connection.

We not only talk about Ireland travel, of course, but I also share a bit about how I got started with the blog and travel coaching, which I don’t know if I have ever shared before.

Oh, and if you’re interested in some quirky travel news stories–that’s at the top of the show. Like why it really pays to read the fine print of your travel insurance policy or a little about the new quasi-visa for travelers to Europe (but not Ireland!) in 2021.

Thanks to Gary, Chris and Jen for having me on!


Planning a Trip to Ireland – This Week in Travel #248


Want even more tips & the Best Ireland Packing List?

Grab my free printable of the Ultimate Ireland Packing list and a series of my most favorite tips for Ireland below.

I think you’re going to love them!! :-)

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  1. Good show! Glad you were able to participate. What were you going to say at the end before the technical difficulties?

  2. A great podcast! I love hearing somebody who is actually an expert on a location go toe-to-toe with Chris, Jen and Gary for an intelligent conversation about a destination! I spent time in Galway, The Burren and Dublin a few years ago, and it was nice to relive my time there.

    1. Thanks Derrick! That’s so kind of you to say!

      I just love the Galway and Burren regions–so many great well-known spots and so much to see that most miss. I could spend weeks there and not cover it all (I’ve tried…my list just keeps getting longer!). :-)

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