How much of Ireland can you actually see in a day?

Guinness Storehouse. It is a right of passage for visitors in Ireland.

You haven’t been to Ireland unless you’ve visited Guinness.


Not so fast, my friend.

I have heard so many people tell me they must visit Guinness, but I don’t think it’s always the best choice.

When you have so many options, deciding what to do in Ireland is a pretty big deal.

I have a different philosophy than most people when planning my trips to Ireland. I believe slower is better and richer. Allowing you to move about your day with ease and flexibility rather than rushing from site to site.

I can remember on our very first trip to Ireland we rushed through practically everything.

We fell in love with country then, but I don’t think we really experienced it.

So how much can you actually plan to do in a day in Ireland?

I am mixing it up today. :-)  I’ve got a video with my surefire formula that will guarantee you don’t over plan your time in Ireland so you don’t have to rush from site to site.

Instead, you’ll be soaking up the culture and special moments that most people miss.

Hear my one simple rule for figuring out how much you can actually see in a day and find out if the Guinness Storehouse is right for you in the video below (this is shortened version of a Facebook live video I did which you can also watch here).

Other brewery and distillery tour options in Ireland:

Brewery Tours in Ireland by County

20 Irish Whiskey Distillery Tours You Should Consider for Your Trip to Ireland

(My current favorite is Pearse Lyons Distillery in Dublin, a boutique distillery not too far from Guinness, and housed in an old church–how neat is that?)

As promised, here is the link for The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar on October 19th.

The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar

This workshop is a clear client favorite. I only offer it four times a year (the next one won’t be until February).

Here’s what a few people had to say about it:

We were excited about our trip to Ireland but didn’t realize how much we DID NOT know until we watched/listened to the webinar. The information helped us be better prepared and as a result, much more relaxed about our trip. I had visited many sites seeking information, but Stephanie’s webinar was the best information I found. We had a wonderful trip to Ireland and I am so glad we found Stephanie.

-Robynn Holland, Georiga

We just completed our most delightful (first) trip to Ireland, thanks, in no small part, to the advice I received in the Planning workshop. By listening to the webinar and using the extra informational links provided as part of it, I was able to confidently plan a 10-day vacation in the South west of Ireland. There were so many little things gained through the workshop that added to a hugely successful trip for my husband, his brother and sister-in-law, and me. I had a plan and the answer for almost everything that came up. I was able to really relax and enjoy!

-Mariann & John Fessenden, King Ferry, New York

I highly recommend taking this workshop. Stephanie is very detailed and willing to answer any questions you may have. It is packed with a ton of information that will make your trip enjoyable. Well worth the investment!

-Christine Burns, Indiana

Here’s that link one more time: The Ireland Travel Planning Webinar: Simple and Clear Advice for an Unforgettable Trip to Ireland. Join us!

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One Comment

  1. Nice site Stephanie, and I’m glad to see you not touring the Guinness Storehouse as a must do activity.

    The Guinness Storehouse is incredibly over hyped in my opinion. To begin with, it is not a tour as most assume. You pay close to 20 euros to wander around on your own before eventually finding your “complimentary” pint in the Gravity Bar. It seems crazy to me to spend time and cash in this tourist trap when you are absolutely surrounded by some of the best and most historic pubs on earth.

    Go have a pint there. You’ll have an actual real experience at a third of the price.

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