The Postman (+Giveaway!)

We received Alexander’s passport in the mail yesterday. I’ve been eyeing up the postman every day for the past two weeks waiting for it to arrive. I couldn’t help being a little overzealous. I was just so excited to see Alex’s little baby picture in that blue book with blank pages just begging to be filled with stamps. I am pretty sure the postman thinks I’ve lost my mind or that I now work for an international spy agency and he is officially under surveillance. (I’ll let you go this time buddy…)

Alexander passport

My passport is one of my most cherished possessions. It has stamps in it from my travels with Joe to Ireland of course, but it also has stamps from places I’ve traveled to with students as a study abroad advisor and even one sweet souvenir stamp from Machu Picchu in Peru. Flipping through it always brings a flood of memories of my travels–mostly good, some not so great and a whole lotta life-shaping lessons.

My hope is that Alex will feel the same about his passport, but maybe more importantly that he finds something as life-giving for him as travel has been for me. Something that makes him wait in earnest for the postman (so that we can be secret agents together of course).

Ok, enough sappy momma stuff (I know, I know. Is this a travel blog or mommy blog? Ha, I think it just turned into a little bit of both. I digress…).

I wanted to introduce you to my friend Abby, who will, incidentally, have you waiting by the mailbox too. She’s the blogger and curator of Emerald Post, a subscription service that brings a little bit of the Emerald Isle right to your doorstep in an Ireland inspired emerald-green envelope. The parcel is full of artwork in the form of stationary like note cards and post cards and prints. (I am particularly in love with February’s Glendalough block print.)

Emerald Post Block Print

She is also kindred spirit with obsessive-level passion for Ireland and some great posts about her travels on her sister site, Traveling Chariot. Seriously–one of her Ireland posts has this amazing tip that I have even done myself instinctively throughout all our travels, but I had never once considered to share:  Photograph the information boards at historic sites. You’ll always remember the name of the place you visited and its significance. Genius!

Ballynoe Stone Circle, Co. Down
Ballynoe Stone Circle, Co. Down

If you have a little luck of the Irish in you (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!), Abby is giving away March’s pretty emerald green envelope filled with fun artwork for an Infinite Ireland reader.

All you’ve got to do is leave a comment below to be entered. Easy peasy! Deadline to enter is Friday, March 10th at 11:59 PM. A winner will be chosen at random using

Entries are now closed. Congrats to lucky commenter #18 Melissa Kelly! 

P.S. If you want your own subscription to the Emerald Post use the code Ireland10 to get 10% off (I’ve already ordered mine–let the postman watch resume!).


  1. Oh yes please I would love to receive some artwork to take me home every time I look at this ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I am on the countdown to my first trip to the Emerald Isle! Very excited for May 2017 to get here. The perfect 62nd birthday present! Whoo Hoo!!!!! Infinite Ireland is so helpful with fabulous tips and resources. Thanks Stephanie! Your son sure is a cutie pie :O)

  3. Your son is absolutely adorable! And so lucky to be able to travel while so young – I was a senior in high school before I left the States for the first time, but now that I have, I’m also bent on going back to Ireland as much as possible.

  4. Getting ready for our fifth trip in June, but we haven’t been since 2014 so we are really looking forward to seeing so many friends we have made during our previous travels. Can’t wait!! Love the stationary!

  5. Lovely artwork! And oh how a piece of Ireland would make my heart happy until I’m able to return!

  6. I am the family genealogist and I love the pictures! It really helps me to relax sometimes. Looking at a beautiful picture of Ireland and daydreaming about one of my relatives! Thank you!

  7. We got our first passports for a trip to Ireland in April of 1999. It was SUPPOSED to be a ‘One-Off’. Nine years — and 10 visits later, the Immigration Officer is search my passport for a blank space to stamp and notices all the Ireland Stamps. Finally finding a space, he adds another and as he hands back the passport says, “You know, There ARE other places.”
    “No,” I replied. “There really isn’t.”
    I’m half way through my second passport’s life now — and planning my 22nd visit.
    I have seen a few other places — England, Scotland, Belgium, Paris and Amsterdam — but only briefly — In Conjunction with visits to Ireland, because what I told the man then is STILL true.

  8. Thanks for sharing her site. There is a lot of neat information for us traveling to Ireland, plus emeraldpostshop has some beautiful offerings. Thanks Stephanie for always giving us fun information.

  9. I’ll be looking up her blog as soon as this is done. Love to get this as a St. Paddys day gift. Love everything Irish.

  10. I still love snail mail. And that photo is adorable! He’s ready to travel, good on you little man.

  11. Stephanie, thanks for the wonderful blog! Not only great tips, but lovely products like the Emerald Post.

    I am first generation Irish and known lovingly as a Yank by all my Irish relatives. My parents made sure we connected with our family and heritage with frequent trips to Ireland (mainly Mayo). My siblings and I will continue the tradition this summer. Now all married, we are taking our families to Dublin, Mayo & other spots this summer. Your tips were a huge help when I last went to Ireland 3 years ago. I am the main coordinator & will look for your advice again! All the best, Mary Pat

  12. I am heading to Ireland for the first time this Friday. I will be there for my birthday. Just now stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the info and I can’t wait to see Ireland for myself!

  13. Phew! I’ve been on vacation and just saw this! Cutting it close, but still made the deadline!

    Let’s see if my lucky shamrock can work its magic!

  14. Just found your blog and I am ever so glad that I did! I am taking two of my besties to Ireland in May, one has never been and the other has been but never left Dublin! So excited to show them all of the amazing that is Ireland. :-)

    P.S. That’s AWESOME about your baby’s passport, I didn’t even know that they issued babies passports (never thought about it though… really…). :-)

    Congrats! Have fun!

  15. Thanks Everyone for your kind comments about my art & Emerald Post. It is quite a pleasure to be able to share my passion for Ireland with folks who equally enchanted with the Emerald Isle :) And thanks Stephanie for making it possible. Happy St. Patrick’s Day All!

  16. The artwork is wonderful. Also — passports are awesome and have opened up the world to our family. We’re looking forward to our next trip!

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