Top 20 Ireland Christmas Gifts for the Ireland Fanatic

Are you trying to think of gift to give the Ireland lover in your life? Want something unique? Something distinctly Irish? Something to remind you of your very first trip or to prepare for your upcoming travels?

christmas tree
Christmas is coming! What are you giving this year?

We have put together a list of the top 20 Ireland Christmas gifts to give (or get!) from our very own Ireland travel experiences. Most of these items we have personally bought or are on our Christmas wish list too.  We love to buy things that remind us of our time in Ireland.

We hope these gifts (in no particular order) do the same for you or your loved ones.  Happy Holidays!

  1. Barry's Red Label TeaBog BuddiesYup, I said Bog Buddies. :-) I absolutely love these framed bits of Irish earth in shapes of sheep, shamrocks and Celtic crosses–all made in Ireland.
  2. Barry’s Tea: Our favorite Irish tea takes us right back to Ireland with just a whiff of the package. We like the gold blend in the red box. It has now become a tradition to have a cuppa Barry’s every Sunday morning while curled up in our Aran blanket.
  3. Aran Patchwork Throw: Speaking of Aran blankets, we love ours!! It is so incredibly warm and it matches our couch perfectly.
  4. Celtic Photo Frames:  Need somewhere to show off your pictures of Ireland? Island Craft Studio Products are in all the souvenir shops in Ireland for good reason. They make quality wood pieces with intricate designs. We have a couple of photo frames that house our very own pictures of the Slieve League cliffs in Co. Donegal.
  5. Irish Tales of Mystery and MagicIrish Book of Poems: The Irish know literature, especially poetry.  This collection includes works from W. B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, J.M. Synge, Patrick Kavanagh and many more. It rarely sits on our bookshelf because my husband is always pulling it out to look for inspiration.
  6. Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic: Ever since our very first trip we have picked up a new Irish fairytale book. This is our absolute favorite one. For a child or child at heart, this book is full of folklore, fantastic artwork and is just plain fun to read.
  7. Claddagh Ring: Every girl likes to feel special with a little bit of jewelry. When visiting Galway, we absolutely loved Thomas Dillon’s Claddagh Gold shop. It is a tiny little storefront with a small Claddagh museum in the back. They had a lovely selection of Claddagh rings and a variety of other Celtic jewelry designs.  For such a small operation, we were surprised to find they have a website to order Claddagh ring that fits every price range (and you get free gift wrapping to boot).
  8. Van Morrison, Into the Music: Every vacation needs a soundtrack and nothing says Ireland to us like Van the Man. Van Morrison is well-known for his hits like Brown Eyed Girl and Wild Night, but his repertoire is huge. Whenever we need a pick me up or just want to hear some great music we reach for Into the Music, a fan favorite.  A standout song is Among the Rolling Hills, which alwaysmake us feel like we are in Ireland, wherever we are.
  9. Peat: There is nothing in the world like the smell of peat burning in a fireplace to warm the heart (and make you think of Ireland).
  10. Irish Woollen Scarf: Is it getting chilly where you are? It is in Pennsylvania and I am so glad I have a scarf to bundle up in. Foxford Woollen Mills is well known throughout Ireland and beyond. They have a great studio in Co. Mayo with a visitor’s center, tours of the working mill and, of course, a gift shop.
  11. Guinness T-shirt:  A Guinness t-shirt is a great bet. It’s an easy gift that is hard not to like.  We have only just retired my husband’s Guinness tee from 6 years ago. It was time, but perhaps a new one will be under the tree this year.
  12. Aran Zip Cardigan: For me, I’d rather wear something that will keep me cozy warm in the winters between our visits. I’ve put this cardigan on my wish list this year. I am hoping Santa won’t mind the price tag and will appreciate the free worldwide shipping.
  13. Packing Cubes: We have learned a few things about traveling in the last few years. One of them is the magic of packing cubes. We wouldn’t travel without organizers for all of our clothes, toiletries, or electronics again. They are truly helpful at keeping everything orderly even if we jump between bed and breakfasts every couple of days.Packing Cubes
  14. Waterproof Jacket: Another Item for the wish list this year, a new waterproof jacket with a liner. I’ve had great luck with Columbia waterproof jackets. They are sturdy and keep the moisture out. This year, it would be great to have something with a removable interior liner. In Ireland, you never know what the weather will be like. It will assuredly rain and sometimes the Atlantic wind can be cold. Wearing layers is really the only defense for fluctuating climate.
  15. Tayto Crisps: Taytos are practically an institution in Ireland. If you like flavored potato chips these are for you. You could select traditional varieties like cheese & onion, beef & onion, and salt & vinegar. Or if you are adventurous, you could try wuster sauce, prawn cocktail, or pickled onion. The choice is yours!
  16. Map of Ireland: No trip is complete without getting lost (either accidentally or on purpose), but it’s always a good idea to have an up-to-date map. We keep ours out all year-long to mark where we have been and to dream about where we want to go next.
  17. Butler’s Chocolates: Butler’s Chocolates is our favorite chocolatier in Ireland. You can find stands almost anywhere throughout the country and their individually wrapped bars make great gifts (just ask my co-workers). Or you can treat your loved one to some hot chocolate with their chocolate cups that perfectly melt into a warm cup of milk. For sake of research, we drank some last night and it was delicious!!
  18. Skelligs Chocolates: Can you tell Stephanie is writing this post? Two chocolate recommendations! It is the holidays, right? Skelligs Chocolates is a little chocolate company next to St. Finian’s Bay along the Ring of Kerry. With a café you can visit during the spring and summer months and custom-made chocolates, they know how to do it right. Their hampers (baskets full of chocolate goodies) are a perfect Christmas gift with only 10€ for international shipping.
  19. Ogham Jewelry: There is a little shop in Dingle that I absolutely love called Brian de Staic Jewelers. It’s one of my favorites because you can actually visit their workshop and watch them at their magic.  I’ve got a beautiful and delicate Ogham necklace from there engraved with my first born’s name in Ogham (the earliest form of Irish writing). It’s gorgeous and I’ve dropped a few hints to Joe that I’d like a another pendant with my second son’s name too!
  20. Anything from the Burren Perfumery: Who doesn’t need a little pampering these days? Everything from here is just divine–from soaps to lotions to perfumes. There products are certified organic and inspired by the incredible Burren landscape (so if we can’t be there, we might as well smell like we are!).


P.S. These recommendations are based solely upon our travel experiences. We were not paid to endorse the products listed. Infinite Ireland is an affiliate member of We get a tiny commission when you purchase from our link. The cost is the same to you either way. Thank you for supporting a small business this holiday season!

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