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A few weeks ago I was asked by to answer a few questions about our travels in Ireland. As I perused the site, I got hooked on their travel blogger interview section. A little known (or maybe well-known) fact is I am a huge travel blog junkie. If I am not at work or doing something for Infinite Ireland, when I am in front of a computer, I am reading a travel blog. Hotels Cheap has dozens of interviews and I found a bunch of new blogs to follow. Yay!

Here’s just a sampling of what I found:


Never Ending Foosteps

I absolutely love Lauren’s story. She suffered from severe anxiety disorder but overcame it and is now traveling the world. Anxiety is no joke and reading her brave story of overcoming her fears truly inspired me. Check her out at Never Ending Footsteps and her Hotels Cheap interview.


My Itchy Travel Feet

My Itchy Travel Feet is a baby boomer travel blog that I had seen mentioned online a few times but I didn’t actually checked them out, until now. I love their active, energy-filled travel attitude and their travel tips are great no matter what the age. Hotels Cheap Interview


Hither and Thither

I was immediately drawn to the photos in Ashley’s blog, Hither and Thither. But it was the writing about her family, their travels, and general life happenings that cemented her place in my bookmarks folder. Reading her posts, I got ideas for travel, ways to organize my laundry room and how to make perfect waffles (Yummm!).  Hotels Cheap Interview

Happy to be in the company of these travel bloggers, I gladly answered a few questions about our first trip to Ireland and surprises we encountered.  I also share a few places we think are hidden gems and wish more people would visit. Well, not too many people. :-)

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