Infinite Ireland Meets (and Talks Budgeting for Ireland)

A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon reminiscing about our past trips to Ireland. sent me a bunch of questions that had me thinking about the way we budget our money. For us, I suppose it’s all about balance. We are willing to spend money on an automatic rental car, which helps us have freedom to go when and where we want, but choose to do without things that are less important to us like fancy restaurants or high-end hotels.

Green fields of Ireland
I’ve got a lot to say about this beautiful little country.

The interview is a part of Mint’s “Expert Series”, which makes me laugh because I am far from an expert traveler. This can be evidenced by me packing our bags to leave three nights early after we booked not so great accommodations in Kilkenny. Yeah, oops (more on that in the upcoming budgeting for Ireland accommodations post). But, I do have a lot to say about Ireland and this might have been my favorite interview so far. It is also probably the longest. So grab a cuppa and check out our answers to:

Tell us about Infinite Ireland…when and why did you start your site?

What mistakes have you made in travel planning that you hope to help others avoid?

What do you think is the most common mistake people make when planning a trip to Ireland?

How expensive is it to visit Ireland in comparison to other European countries?

How should we go about budgeting for a trip there? What will we plan to spend more money on? Where can we pinch pennies?

What tips do you have on finding lodging? What tends to be the most authentic and affordable?

What’s the best way to get around Ireland transportation-wise? What’s the most affordable method? What would you recommend for a first-time visitor (budget aside)?

What destinations do you think every first-time visitor should make sure to check out? Any places you think are overrated?

What Irish experiences/destinations do you think offer the most value for your money?


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